That Still, Small Voice

Many years ago, I sat in a restaurant contemplating a decision I wanted to make. Deep down I already knew what the answer was, and it was given to me by way of a still, small voice that I had become so familiar, and it spoke to my heart. You know, that tiny voice that tells you what’s right and what’s wrong. I had been talking with an old acquaintance, giving the person all kinds of reasons for doing what I knew wasn’t right.

Trying to convince myself that it might be okay if I had good intentions, that still, small voice still said, nope. I left the restaurant, walked through the parking lot toward my car, and noticed a folded piece of paper on the ground. Curious, I picked it up and unfolded it. My eyes watered when I began to read the words. It was as if God had to remind me to stand strong and keep doing what’s right. These were the words on that piece of paper:


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As you can imagine, I was speechless. I had inquired of God, and He answered. He just wanted me to trust Him. And I did. It all worked out.

There was a Christian college behind that restaurant. I believe a student accidentally (?) dropped the piece of paper, and, whoever it was probably had no idea that a prayer had been answered that night. If I knew who had dropped it, I’d let them know what happened, and I’d thank them.

We’re all born with it . . . that still, small voice. It’s there to remind us right from wrong.

Who are you trusting? God will never disappoint. He will never abandon you. He is your friend . . . your forever friend . . . and He will lead us in the right direction if we will only listen.

Autumn Girl enjoying nature on the field. Beauty Girl Outdoors r

~blessings my friends








About Debbie Erickson

I am an author pursuing my dream and passion for writing. As I travel down the road on my journey, God is the wind beneath my wings, and Jesus is the Rock of my salvation.
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