Thanksgiving And Freedom

schooner-487800_640The Mayflower, captained by Christopher Jones and born in Hurwich, England in the late 1500s, was one of the most important ships to ever come to America, bringing settlers from England to the New World where they landed at the Plymouth plantation. They suffered bad weather during the last half of their 66 day journey, but when the ship finally landed safely at Plymouth Plantation they gave God thanks.

A stately looking bird, the turkey has become an American icon and a symbol of thankfulness that began with our early ancestors.

turkey-802234_640Every year, families across this great land of America celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks to God, our Creator, for the freedoms He’s so abundantly given to us. Thousands risk their lives trying to flee dictators and tyrannical rule to enter “the freedom gates” of America because they understand the value of freedom. But America must remain a land of laws that must be honored and obeyed because law brings order and keeps chaos from thriving. Without laws, we devalue our country, and freedom becomes extinct.

Our early settlers knew that freedom was like a precious jewel to be cherished. They understood its value and the impact it would have on humanity.

May the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving never become extinct, and may we always be clothed with thankful hearts each day. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if it’s in your heart to do so, and if you are able, consider helping those who are less fortunate.

Thank you for following this blog. May God bless you, and may He continue to bless America.american-flag-1020853_640




About Debbie Erickson

I am an author pursuing my dream and passion for writing. As I travel down the road on my journey, God is the wind beneath my wings, and Jesus is the Rock of my salvation.
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