Rise Above The Ashes

*Revised. Originally published in CandidlyChristian : http://candidlychristian.com/stay-positive/

Do you sometimes feel beaten down by the world? Do you spend your time spent around those who tell you ‘you can’t’ rather than those who tell you can?

It’s easy to allow others to drag you down, who are negative individuals who have little positive things to say.

As much as I can emphasize because I know life can get really hard sometimes, there is a flip side.

As I grow in the love and grace of God, I realize that you live a much more stress-free life by staying stay positive than by being negative. Negativism stresses the heart and body. But God says, “…casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.” ~  I Peter 5:7 (NASB) And He cares more than our finite minds can fathom.

Life is short. It passes quicker the older you get. And it’s way too short to have negative thoughts. And it’s way too short to be around negative people; verbally or emotionally. But when you are around negativity, try to still be a witness for Christ, and shorten your time around them.

When we look at the world stage, we can see so many people who have lost hope, and without the hope of Jesus, they may feel that there isn’t much to live for. I’m guilty of missing opportunities to share Jesus with those who have no hope. We have to show them there are things to live for.

I titled this post, “Are You Getting Stirred Up For Jesus?” What I mean is: Are you rising above negative voices that seem to drown us each day? Voices that try to steal our hope? Voices that try to steal our enthusiasm or life?

There are voices that will seek to harm us if we don’t become a light and lift them to a positive level.

3 Ways to Stay Positive

What can we do to stay positive when society seems to be falling apart?

1.) Fellowship

First and foremost, it’s profitable to spend more quality time around those who love and care for you, and those who will give you more encouragement than discouragement… those who want the best for you and reinforce truths that tell you that you can rise above the negativity.

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works” ~ Hebrews 10:24

2.) Focus

Don’t look at the world’s or society’s standards to gauge your own life. Don’t look for hope or encouragement from the world. Instead, keep your eyes on Jesus.

3.) Fill Your Mind With Good Things

Last, and most importantly, read encouraging books and articles by successful, Godly people who can help you in your journey who’ve walked down the same paths as you—those who can ‘Pump. You. Up’(stealing a line from Arnold Swartznegger) Some might be ministers who offer hope and healing to the brokenhearted, and some authors who’ve been successful and who has made Godly principles a daily part of their lives. Those who won’t listen to anyone who tells them they can’t do it.

We are living in times of negative voices and it’s important to rise above the negative voices that shout “There’s no hope,” or, “It can’t be done.”

“And looking at them Jesus said to them, ‘With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” ~ Matthew 19:26 (NASB) We can rise above the hate and strife and start causing a ‘ruckus for Christ’ by standing up to those voices in order to be able to make them hear a better voice—a better way of life—in telling them the message of Christ.

The world needs to hear more positive voices, and see more happy faces. Your life isn’t hopeless. You can be healed from your wounds. You can be successful. You can rise above the chaos and negativity if you trust Jesus with your life and your future. Trust Him.

“Surely there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off.” ~ Proverbs 23:18 (NASB)

Let’s get pumped up for Christ!

Let’s rise above the noise and make some positive noises of our own!

What About You?

Have you ever felt like you’ve been beaten down by the world’s voices? Have others left you feeling depressed or anxious?

Please share your experience so others can find encouragement in knowing that they’re not alone.

How do you rise above the negative voices?



About Debbie Erickson

I am an author pursuing my dream and passion for writing. As I travel down the road on my journey, God is the wind beneath my wings, and Jesus is the Rock of my salvation.
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