Part IV Fathers Who Love Their Unborn Child

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Anyone who knows me knows that abortion does not set well with me. It angers me. We’re living in a society who feels no remorse to committing heinous crimes upon unborn children: Tearing a baby limb from limb is savage and those who do it are void of compassion.

I believe when God sees what men are doing to His creation, He would have to wonder why more people aren’t speaking out against it.

But I don’t think that just being angry is enough to stop these horrendous acts of abortion. Anger hasn’t stopped abortionists yet.

I’m not only concerned with abortion-minded women, but I’m just as concerned with fathers who have suffered at the hands of an abortionists and who would’ve loved to save their child from abortion.

“Each father experiencing deliverance from the pain of abortion loss knows the radical difference of being in bondage and the restoration of life in Christ as a redeemed son.” ~Care Net (Check this article out HERE)

Fathers who have lost their unborn child to abortion are just as susceptible to the harmful psychological, spiritual, and emotional effects, and  emptiness that mothers experience. They, too, can have thoughts of suicide knowing they will never be able to see or hold their baby in their arms. Some men, despite what we may hear on social media or in the news, love their unborn child and feel that they should have a say in their child’s future, but they have been silenced. Their voice doesn’t matter.

Most women who step into an abortion clinic or a Pregnancy Care Center feel scared. They don’t know which way to turn, who they can trust, and most of them have little hope for a better future. Consequently, many men feel the same, the only difference is that men have little say in choosing life of their unborn child if their partner/spouse wants an abortion.

Women who make the choice to have an abortion have been told for years that it is their choice and only they have a right to make it, while the father is denied that choice even though it is his child, too. Denied. The Right. To Choose Life. For His Child.

Being denied such an important decision can send a man into depression and grief. Who do they tell their story to? There is no tangible grave marker to kneel in front to gaze at the name of their unborn child. Their grief can be unending. Their story has ended prematurely and it isn’t a happy ending.

What is the answer?

It is time for fathers and men who oppose abortion to speak out and fight for your right to be heard. You can’t remain passive or silent. I believe that men and the fathers of aborted children may have a greater impact on the abortion debate than any other group–you can  change hearts and minds of abortion-minded women and men by telling your stories.

When Fathers are being denied the right to choose life for your child, then you should have the right to sue for paternity and for the life of your child even if the child hasn’t been born yet. Fathers should be able to choose life for their unborn child.

The time is now. Abortion has gone on too long. Lives are being destroyed. It’s time to begin the process of taking your story all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. It’s a father’s role to protect his family. It’s a father’s role to protect his children. Men have an obligation and a natural instinct to protect their own. You should not be denied this important decision. You should have every right to keep your unborn child and give your child the love they deserve.

Father’s, please fight for your right to choose life for your child. Guilt and grief are real. Maybe it will take a few men who’ve lost a child to abortion to fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves. You deserve to experience fatherhood. You deserve to hold your baby in your arms.

Curtousy: Pixabay

Don’t be silent. Don’t succumb to grief without speaking out. Begin the process of having a pro-life wave cross over America.

Marriage. Family. Children. Life. Choose you this day what you will fight for.You have rights, too. It takes only one small spark to start a fire.

Men suffer, too. But there is hope. There can be healing. In their book, Fatherhood Aborted, by Guy Condon and David Hazard, they bring healing to men who have suffered at the hands of abortion.

This book reveals what Jesus can do for men who have been the victims of abortion. Consider this book.

Do you feel that there is no light at the end of your tunnel? You’ve lost joy and hope? When you feel like life isn’t worth living, look up and discover your God-given purpose so you can begin fresh and step toward a bright future.

I will be offering my ebook, “Hurting Hearts Need a Light,” free on Amazon on Monday, December 3, 2018. If the path before you is bleak, and you need hope; or if you need something that will give meaning to your life, then I invite you to get your free copy.

Please share this post to someone who you think would profit from it. Thank you.


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