Welcome everyone!december 2011 250

     I am a two-time graduate from the Institute of Children’s Literature; Writing for Children and Teens, and, Writing Children’s Books: The Craft and the Market. This course piqued my interest to pursue a writing career at a higher level. My background as a substitute teacher and school secretary increased my desire to pursue writing for children.

      I stay connected to various websites and blogs on the craft of writing because learning is never-ending.  I have a strong interest in historical fiction and would like to pursue that someday along with nonfiction, but now, my main interest is fantasy as you can tell by my website.  Since my first encounter with Baum’s Wizard of Oz, I like imaginary worlds, time travel, and letting my imagination fly.  Some of my favorite authors are C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, J.K.Rowling, and L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time was a delight. I’ve also enjoyed such movies as Chronicles of Narnia series, Inkheart, and,The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe.

     I enjoy entertaining children in fantastical ways and encouraging them to find their own passion and pursue their dreams.

     I’m a Christian, and I was a peer counselor for a pregnancy care center. I believe that every life matters to God, and that He is the Rock of my salvation, and Partner in my life’s journey. I am concerned for those who believe that abortion is the only solution to their unwanted pregnancy, but it isn’t. God loves everyone, and He waits to lend a helping hand to every circumstance in your life’s journey.

      I enjoy reading the Bible, listening & singing hymns and gospel music, (staying focused and grounded are vital), family times, dogs, God’s cosmos/universe, the smell of a bookstore, and standing on the first tee on opening day of golf. 🙂

     I wish you the best as you pursue your discover your passion and your own dreams!


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